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Thread Consolidated Expansion Loan

Thread Consolidated Expansion Loan

About This Project

Division: Baltimore Roundtable for Economic Democracy (BRED)
Co-op: Thread Coffee Roasters
Status: Active
Amount: US $98,564.63
Location: Baltimore, United States
Signing date: January 1, 2020
Consolidation of existing loans to decrease administrative overhead, with a focus on one repayment type.


Thread Coffee continues to grow their wholesale clients. This loan will allow for the following:
- Two new computers $2000
- Website development $2000
- Coffee visit & professional development $6000
- Bulk Grinder $10,000
- Marketing & Sales Position $10,000
- Working Capital $10,000

The above will allow Thread to improve efficiency needs, and meet their increasing customer demands. The consolidation of loans 1476, 1477 and 2870 will streamline their loan repayment process, reducing their administrative overhead.

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