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The Baltimore Roundtable for Economic Democracy (BRED) is a coalition of Maryland-based worker cooperatives, advocates, and technical assistance providers committed to building a robust cooperative ecosystem. BRED supports democratically-controlled economic institutions with loans and technical assistance. We prioritize coop development that directs educational and financial resources to historically marginalized communities—especially communities of color that have been excluded from the current economic system. We are part of an emerging national peer network of loan funds to aggregate non-exploitative financing to scale this work. We believe in the creation of democratically-controlled economic institutions, whether as start-ups or through converting existing businesses. We see it as a powerful model that addresses concrete community needs—like living wage jobs with dignity—with an expansive vision of a transformed and equitable economy. Self-managed workplaces create key sites for skill-sharing and grassroots leadership development. Viable cooperative businesses with values grounded in community provide meaningful examples of corporate responsibility and accountability. Community-owned economic institutions demonstrate that Maryland communities can thrive without courting elite developers or national corporations that siphon profit from the local economy. Website: http://www.baltimoreroundtable.org Twitter: @bred_baltimore Instragram: @bred_baltimore


Firestorm Books

Firestorm Renovation Overage

An secured investment loan for building purchase and renovations

Asheville, United States
October 23, 2023
US $56,400.00

Baltimore Bicycle Works

BBW Line of Credit

Line of credit for bikes and parts.

Baltimore, United States
April 25, 2018
US $40,000.00


Line of Credit for Accounts Receivable

Line of credit to assist with cash flow

Baltimore, United States
February 9, 2024
US $60,000.00

The Greener Kitchen

The Greener Kitchen - Jun 1, 2017

The Greener Kitchen (formerly Pep Foods) wants to expand their production and revenue streams by opening a production kitchen to rent and use and buy equipment to scale their production.

Baltimore, United States
June 1, 2017
US $50,000.00

Appalachian Field Services

Buyout of existing ownership from holding cooperative

This loan will buyout Obran Cooperative's ownership stake in AFS

Hagerstown, United States
July 1, 2022
US $36,000.00