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US Workers Social fund whose spending is stricltly controled by the La Base constitution


Green Worker Cooperatives

Bridge loan to a partner non profit organization, Green Workers

Green Worker Short Term Loan for Operations - 2022

Bronx, United States
December 21, 2022
US $30,000.00


Line of Credit for IceStone Cost of Goods Sold

This loan will help the company manage a cash flow crunch as they wait for a large payment from a customer.

Brooklyn, United States
December 13, 2021
US $100,000.00


Loan to purchase Malting Equipment for LINC Foods

Loan to purchase malting equipment that will allow LINC to expand their business offerings.

Spokane, United States
November 2, 2015
US $350,000.00

Bright Learning Stars

Startup Loan for a Group Family Daycare (2507 refinanced)

Startup loan to cover equipment costs and initial operating expenses of a new cooperative daycare in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn

New York, United States
October 28, 2017
US $56,800.00

New Era Windows, LLC

Line of Credit for Raw Materials 2024

This credit line is for purchasing all raw materials, maintaining cash flow needed for growth

Chicago, United States
June 1, 2024
US $4,500,000.00