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Cincinnati Union Co-op Initiative (CUCI) is a non-profit that partners with individuals and organizations to create worker-owned businesses that sustain families. CUCI emerged from the historic partnership between Mondragon, the world’s most successful network of worker-cooperatives, and the United Steelworkers in October of 2009. Here in Cincinnati, like so many other parts of this country, the need to create jobs is paramount. Families and neighborhoods across our region are struggling with high rates of long-term unemployment. For these individuals, solutions offered by public and private sectors are scarce and inadequate. These workers and the families and communities they support need and deserve not just a job, but a career path that provides a family sustaining wage, benefits, essential training, and effectively diminishes barriers to long-term employment. Learn about the recent initiatives that CUCI has been working on in the community! website: https://www.cincinnatiunioncoop.org/


Our Harvest

Refinancing and Expansion

Refinancing that allows worker and community owned food hub and farm co-op in Cincinnati to continue past 8 years and expand in the future.

Cincinnati, United States
December 19, 2019
US $130,000.00


Pre-launch Startup loan for CareShare

Pre-launch startup capital

Cincinnati, United States
May 29, 2019
US $21,355.00

Hopes Fulfilled Farm2Table Co-op

Food truck and equipment Loan

Is to secure a food truck to distribute fresh and cooked food in the neighborhood of Evanston, Cincinnati, as well as use it to educate people in Evanston on entrepreneurship.

Monroe, United States
October 21, 2021
US $22,123.00