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High Oaks Purchase

High Oaks Purchase

About This Project

Division: Poder Emma
Co-op: Sourwood Community Real Estate Cooperative
Status: Active
Amount: US $681,186.64
Location: Asheville, United States
Signing date: June 12, 2020
Purchase of High Oaks, a 24 unit mobile home park


The purchase of Meadowood and High Oaks Mobile Home Parks will create 37 additional affordable and cooperatively owned housing units within the PODER Emma Network. The loans are being presented together, due to the Seller's structuring of the sale, in which the purchase of one property is contingent on the purchase of the other. This is also beneficial to the Cooperatives and PODER Emma, as it allows us to be more efficient in our management, maintenance, and capacity building strategies.

Other Loans to This Co-op

This is the first loan to this cooperative.