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Startup Loan #2

Startup Loan #2

About This Project

Division: Co-op Cincy
Co-op: CareShare
Status: Active
Amount: US $20,000.00
Location: Cincinnati, United States
Signing date: October 18, 2019
Four months of Director’s Salary and benefits, marketing, insurance, taxes, and accounting professional services for family recruitment and administration of services..


The goal of this project is to launch a child care cooperative owned and controlled by the parents and providers (which is already operating and has had a pilot care share running profitably for two years). It is providing quality care in an environment parents co-create with 2-3 other families, while providing a living wage of at least $17/hr to the providers. Each child care share will be located in family homes across Greater Cincinnati neighborhoods until it reaches profitability by October 2020 and will create 9 jobs, primarily for women of color.

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