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JuiceUP - Basic Equipment Loan

JuiceUP - Basic Equipment Loan

About This Project

Division: NEW West Virginia
Status: Active
Amount: US $930.00
Location: Charleston, United States
Signing date: August 14, 2019
With a small investment in some basic equipment, Juice Up will be able to more fully test their smoothie offerings on the market to see if the business can scale up and offer the worker owners sustainable employment.


Juice Up is a cooperative business started by four young black entrepreneurs; Ruben, Curon, Deshawn and Jesus. They have ran one market test, and some of the observations from that initial market test is that they need some basic equipment to properly make their product and run more market tests to gain data on variables such as customer segments, product mixes, and COGS. This loan will help them buy some basic equipment such as a pop-up canopy and a generator so they can be out on a consistent basis selling consistent drinks. All of this is one step along the way of eventually getting them into a storefront.

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This is the first loan to this cooperative.