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Loan for Truck, Trailer, and Rack

Loan for Truck, Trailer, and Rack

About This Project

Division: CJA
Co-op: Earth-Bound Building, Forestry and Farm
Status: Active
Amount: US $32,000.00
Location: Baltimore, United States
Signing date: October 1, 2019
Secure Assets loan for a truck & trailer and safety equipment; the truck & trailer will save Earthbound on shipping and handling costs which eat into their margins. The safety equipment is essential and required for the safety of the workers.


Earth-Bound was founded in 2014 as a project of the Black Dirt Farm Collective by organic farmers, community educators and natural builders and is based in Central Maryland. Earthbound is focused on building small-scale farms and land-based projects. Their services include ecological farm infrastructure, natural affordable housing, low-impact logging, milling, carpentry, low impact forestry, general land stewardship trades and ecological restoration solutions.

Earthbound continues to be part of the Black Dirt Farm Collective a women-led and queer loving collective of black farmers, agrarian, educators and researchers, mothers and organizers who provide political, technical and cultural training throughout the Mid-Atlantic (MD, DC, VA) and the Black Belt South (NC/GA).

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