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Loan to Purchase a Waste Pickup Truck

The loan will be used to purchase a large waste pickup truck, key to allowing the cooperative to scale.

Boston, United States
March 3, 2016
US $150,000.00

Thread Coffee Roasters

Thread Consolidated Expansion Loan

Consolidation of existing loans to decrease administrative overhead, with a focus on one repayment type.

Baltimore, United States
January 1, 2020
US $98,564.63

Obran Cooperative

Appalachian Field Services Acquisition Loan

A $30,000 loan to Staffing Cooperative to purchase a controlling share in Appalachian Field Services.

Seattle, United States
April 10, 2020
US $30,000.00

Cincy Cleaning Co

Cincy Cleaning Co - Oct 11, 2019

Business incorporation, insurance, initial training, and working capital for a residential cleaning co-op in Cincinnati, OH.

Cincinnati, United States
October 11, 2019
US $15,000.00

Red Emma's Bookstore Coffeehouse

Red Emma's Additional Working Capital loan

Working capital to support an established cooperative during their ramp up period in a new location

Baltimore, United States
January 17, 2019
US $75,000.00