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Co-op Power

Nazareth Housing/Housing Works

31.48 kW solar on affordable housing in NYC

Florence, United States
May 22, 2019
US $42,547.00

Cross Atlantic Chocolate Collective

Start up loan for multinational chocolate cooperative

International multi country cooperative staffing for one management position

Wyncote, United States
June 30, 2022
US $41,668.00

New Era Windows, LLC

Startup Financing for Equipment and Tools for a New Window Factory Term Loan

Loan to launch the New Era Windows Cooperative from the remains of Serious Energy's Chicago windows business.

Chicago, United States
January 1, 2020
US $665,000.00

Metta Integrative Wellness Center

Coop Conversion Metta Integrative Wellness

Conversion of existing massage and holistic health center into a cooperative

Baltimore, United States
July 14, 2021
US $47,000.00

Brooklyn Stone & Tile Corporation

Startup Equipment to Launch Cooperative

Startup loan to cover initial equipment costs for launching a Brooklyn Stone and Tile, a stone and tile fabricator and installer operating in the greater NYC region

Brooklyn, United States
April 1, 2018
US $115,000.00