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Our Harvest

Worker-owner buy-in #3

Financing worker's membership share to help cooperative's cash flow

Cincinnati, United States
October 26, 2018
US $2,797.00

Cooperative Community Development

Cooperative Community Development - Sep 2, 2021

Community Cooperative Market and Landscaping Service

Baltimore, United States
US $50,000.00

L&S Printing

Conversion Loan for Organizational Costs (2627 refinanced)

Working Capital to pay for the organizational expenses that arrive when converting a traditional business into a worker cooperative.

Rockaway Park, United States
August 14, 2017
US $20,000.00

Obran Cooperative

Director of People Operations Loan

Adding a staff member to integrate incoming conversions

Seattle, United States
US $90,000.00

Obran Cooperative

Staffing.coop Working Capital LOC

A working capital LOC to provide payroll factoring support for a cooperatively-owned temp staffing agency

Seattle, United States
July 29, 2019
US $150,000.00