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Line of Credit for IceStone Cost of Goods Sold

This loan will help the company manage a cash flow crunch as they wait for a large payment from a customer.

Brooklyn, United States
December 13, 2021
US $100,000.00

MontCo Union Taxi LLC dba Anytime Taxi

Bridge loan for government receivables

Operational taxi co-op is awaiting reimbursement from county government for an incentive program that allowed them to expand their fleet of vehicles. This loan serves as a bridge to keep the coop solvent while they await that reimbursement from the county government.

Rockville, United States
October 1, 2021
US $159,000.00

MontCo Union Taxi LLC dba Anytime Taxi

Line of Credit for government voucher reimbursement receivables

Operational taxi co-op is expanding and needs a line of credit to float voucher reimbursements to additional drivers

Rockville, United States
March 25, 2022
US $117,000.00

Heritage Hill

Heritage Hill Debt Refi- Dec 2, 2021

Heritage Hill Debt Refi Loan

Cincinnati, United States
February 21, 2022
US $225,000.00

Cross Atlantic Chocolate Collective

Start up loan for multinational chocolate cooperative

International multi country cooperative staffing for one management position

United States
June 30, 2022
US $41,668.00