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Donna 2.0 Start Up Loan

Working capital to relaunch Williamsburg restaurant in new location

New York, United States
January 3, 2023
US $134,908.00

Power in Numbers Bookkeeping

Power in Numbers Business Growth Loan

Loan to bring on an experienced bookkeeper and provide raises to worker owners and provide more benefits. This capital will be used to increase capacity and allow coop to scale their work at a sustainable pace.

United States
November 4, 2021
US $45,000.00

Spoons Consultancy

Start up Loan for Spoons Consultancy

Start Up Loan for Spoons Consultancy

East point, United States
June 8, 2021
US $37,500.00

A Touch of TLC Senior Home Care Services, LLC

Worker Owner Share #5

Financing worker's membership share to help cooperative's cash flow and start up expenses

Cincinnati, United States
October 5, 2020
US $1,000.00

Ride On!

Bike Store Improvements

$19,247 for store improvements to South Central Los Angeles Coop Bike Shop

Los Angeles, United States
August 6, 2018
US $19,247.00