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Numa'lo Refillery

Numa'lo Refillery Line of Credit for Inventory

Merchandise Line of Credit

Barrigada, United States
November 22, 2021
US $10,000.00

Las Casitas

Las Casitas Property Refinance

This is a refinance of loan #2723 (6 Lacey Lane Purchase Loan) to lower the interest rate to 5%, per Seed Commons real estate guidelines

Asheville, United States
March 1, 2022
US $124,740.67

Full Lane Logistics

Full Lane Logistics - Jan 21, 2014

Loan to purchase various replacement parts to make necessary repairs to the coop's cargo bike fleet and hold in stock in case of unforeseen damage to bikes.

New York, United States
January 21, 2014
US $660.00

Mera Kitchen

Mera Kitchen Startup Loan

Baltimore, United States

L&S Printing

Rockaways Print shop Conversion (1412 refinanced)

Loan to support the buyout and conversion of a 30 year old small business in the Rockaways to worker-ownership

Rockaway Park, United States
August 31, 2017
US $75,000.00