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Baltimore Bicycle Works

BBW Line of Credit

Line of credit for bikes and parts.

Baltimore, United States
April 25, 2018
US $40,000.00

A Touch of TLC Senior Home Care Services, LLC

Worker Owner Share #4

Financing worker's membership share to help cooperative's cash flow and start up expenses

Cincinnati, United States
October 5, 2020
US $1,000.00

Obran Cooperative

Staffing.coop Working Capital LOC

A working capital LOC to provide payroll factoring support for a cooperatively-owned temp staffing agency

Seattle, United States
July 29, 2019
US $150,000.00

Public Thrift

Start Up Loan for Public Thrift

Working Capital loan to cover labor and overhead to open Public Thrift

Hamtramck, United States
September 29, 2022
US $41,000.00

Space Level 8

Equipment Purchase for Event Coordinating & Party Rental Startup

Event Coordinating & Party Rental Cooperative

Richmond, United States
December 15, 2022
US $50,000.00