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Pagoda Cafe

Pagoda Cafe Real Estate & Purchase Loan

An asset sale purchase of real estate and business entities to convert an outdoor, neighborhood-based cafe into a worker-owned business.

New Orleans, United States
December 21, 2022
US $451,125.00

The Healing Grounds

Loan for start-up of a cooperative cafe and healing space

This loan is for the start-up a cooperative cafe and healing space in Buffalo, NY

Buffalo, United States
November 15, 2022
US $219,752.81

Earth-Bound Building, Forestry and Farm

Loan for Truck, Trailer, and Rack

Secure Assets loan for a truck & trailer and safety equipment; the truck & trailer will save Earthbound on shipping and handling costs which eat into their margins. The safety equipment is essential and required for the safety of the workers.

Baltimore, United States
October 1, 2019
US $32,000.00

Taharka Brothers

Taharka Brothers Freezer Truck Purchase

Loan to purchase freezer delivery truck for ice cream

Baltimore, United States
February 23, 2023
US $110,000.00