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Metta Integrative Wellness Center

Coop Conversion Metta Integrative Wellness

Conversion of existing massage and holistic health center into a cooperative

Baltimore, United States
July 15, 2021
US $47,000.00

Red Emma's Bookstore Coffeehouse

Red Emma's New Space Expansion Loan

A multi-part investment to help Maryland's largest worker cooperative expand into a new, larger location

Baltimore, United States
May 17, 2018
US $177,093.00

Rock Steady Farm & Flowers

Conversion financing for a farm cooperative

This project is to convert a farm in the Hudson Valley to worker ownership.

Millerton, United States
January 1, 2017
US $113,400.00

Earth-Bound Building, Forestry and Farm

Loan for Truck, Trailer, and Rack

Secure Assets loan for a truck & trailer and safety equipment; the truck & trailer will save Earthbound on shipping and handling costs which eat into their margins. The safety equipment is essential and required for the safety of the workers.

Baltimore, United States
October 1, 2019
US $32,000.00

Bonfire Media

Bonfire Media Start-up capital

Start-up costs for a new media production co-op in West Philly

Philadelphia, United States
March 25, 2019
US $38,277.00