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Brooklyn Stone & Tile Corporation

Startup Working Capital Second Placement

Working Capital Investment Loan to support operating expenses for Brooklyn Stone and Tile as they work to establish themselves as a premier stone and tile fabricator and installer in the NYC market.

Brooklyn, United States
November 1, 2018
US $120,000.00

Baltimore Bicycle Works

BBW Second Location

Longtime coop bike shop in Baltimore is looking to open a second location.

Baltimore, United States
April 25, 2018
US $110,000.00


Equipment Financing for Restaurant Opening

A startup loan to purchase the equipment for a Filipino-American worker-owned cooperative restaurant (Tanám) in Somerville, MA's new development Bow Market, run by a team of POC women, and non-binary folx.

Somerville, United States
October 12, 2018
US $75,000.00


Meadowood Purchase

Purchase of Meadowood Mobile Home Park, a 13 unit property

Asheville, United States
June 12, 2020
US $356,439.13


Malting Equipment Purchasing Loan

Loan to purchase malting equipment that will allow LINC to expand their business offerings.

Spokane, United States
November 2, 2015
US $350,000.00