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Cajou Creamery

Cajou Production Equipment Loan

Cajou is a plant based ice cream company currently run by two people, with plans to become a coop/democratically run business.

Baltimore, United States
June 23, 2021
US $50,000.00

Numa'lo Refillery

Numa'lo Refillery Line of Credit for Inventory

Merchandise Line of Credit

Barrigada, United States
November 22, 2021
US $10,000.00

Las Casitas Real Estate Cooperative

Las Casitas Property Refinance

This is a refinance of loan #2723 (6 Lacey Lane Purchase Loan) to lower the interest rate to 5%, per Seed Commons real estate guidelines

Asheville, United States
March 1, 2022
US $124,740.67

L&S Printing

Rockaways Print shop Conversion (1412 refinanced)

Loan to support the buyout and conversion of a 30 year old small business in the Rockaways to worker-ownership

Rockaway Park, United States
August 31, 2017
US $75,000.00

Brick and Mortar

Loan for Heating Installation

A loan to install heat into the B&M House

Detroit, United States
November 4, 2019
US $15,000.00